Friday, May 27, 2011

Forward from Visayan Daily Star

The management of West Negros University yesterday assured it will help their student who allegedly became a victim of hazing last week attain justice.
A press statement from Elmer Bolivar, WNU vice president for administration, said the institution is determined to make those responsible for the alleged hazing answerable for the crime they committed.
The victim, whose name the police withheld, was invited by a fellow teenager Thursday last week to meet his friends. The victim agreed, not knowing that it would be an initial meeting with the alleged members of the fraternity called the “Tau Gamma Phi”, Bolivar said. When the victim refused to join the organization, the “master initiator” threatened him, Bolivar added.
Bolivar also said that the suspect is not a member of the University’s football varsity team nor is he a student of WNU...

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